Addressing the Controversies Surrounding the Uniuyo EndAsuuStrike Protest.

This piece seeks to address the controversies surrounding the University of Uyo #EndASUUStrike protest organized by the Student Union Government(SUG).

About the #EndASUUStrike Protest : A thread written by Dianabasi Bassey, Chief of Staff to Emmanuel Akpan, the Student Union Government President, University of Uyo

  1. So about the EndASUUStrike protest that held on Friday (16th Oct, 2020)

So some people said the distance for the walk ( from main gate to first gate) was too short.
Obviously, most students were ready to even reach Permanent site but No.

The reasons for most of the adjustments are due various rumours that people peddled on social media concerning the protest.
Here is why 👉.

  1. So many social media handlers from the moment we released the flier even up till the morning of the protest had taken to their handles to insinuate that the plan of the protest is as an avenue to receive funds from the Government following the alleged 4million saga that follow the earlier Endsars Protest.

While these were very serious allegations, we took them as normal side talks made to discourage serious minded people.


  1. We also received treats on Twitter and other platforms that the #endSars protesters will attempt disrupt the #endASUUstrike Protest.

Certain individuals filled the President’s Twitter comment box with threats and retweeted with threats.

They did same to Inside Uniuyo Twitter handle and the admin had to delete the post with the flier .

We silently took note of all these for reasons I’ll state later.

  1. People also insinuated that we were sponsored by the Government to distract Students from the main issue on ground , the end SARS protest.

And that we were paid heavily for this.

I wondered how possible this was.

But people had to post things right ?

  1. So we decided we must not let even one of the rumors ( which were all false from the beginning) even appear true.

We agreed that we will not March on any road that led to or was close to Govt. House. That is why we stopped at first gate.

When the SA to the Gov. On Students matters joined us, we advocated that he joins us in solidarity for the protest back to main gate.
It is therefore on record that no one got any money , nor planned to get any.

  1. Another reason for stopping at first gate was to ensure we maintained a very reasonable distance between our protesters and that of the Endsars.

Both are peaceful people, but moving on the same road might cause unnecessary friction.

So we stopped at first gate.
It is a security decision.

  1. So why not protest since ? Why now?

Answer : on Tuesday this week, all SUG Presidents in Nigeria held a meeting on zoom.
In that meeting, it was agreed that a Nationwide protest ( not just Akwa Ibom state) be embarked upon. This followed NANS President’s 7 days ultimatum.
Comr. Emmanuel led in Akwa Ibom State because this is the only federal University here.
So we see how the protest came about, right?

  1. Who sponsored the Protest ?

The protest was sponsored from the pockets of the Students’ leaders.

Of course, no other person would have sponsored because every other person wanted to dissuade us from not holding the protest.

So why would they sponsor the protest ?

  1. Let me also state clearly that all of us are against Police brutality.

We fronted it everywhere : Twitter, facebook, etc.
We trended the end SARS .

So why would #endAsuuStrike be a distraction to #EndSars ?
When people finished with us today, over 20 people told me that they are moving over to the Endsars Protest . So where is the distraction?

  1. We have more than one problem in this country.





Will any of this hashtags distract anyone from #Endsars?

Or are these ones not also problems we are facing ?

  1. Note anyone that tells you that another hashtag is a distraction.

Such a person wants to be on the spotlight.

That hero feeling.

So every other thing is now a distraction .

Please let us be very mindful of ourselves.

  1. Lastly, let me thank alot of people for their efforts.

Most importantly, the Commisoner of Police, Aks command.

After trying to dissuade us ( of course, no one wants a protest in a peaceful state like ours), we agreed with him it will be so peaceful.

He gave us over 50 police men as protection.
What could be better?

  1. We also thank the DSS, students’ desk.

They called immediately they saw the flier. We wrote to them too.

They sent a van full of their agents for protection too.

So wonderful of them.

  1. We thank Nigeria security and civil defense Corp.

We wrote to them and they sent about three loaded vans of their officers to us.

They are good people.

  1. We also thank University of Uyo management.

Our Dean of Students was with us all through the protest.

The CSO of the school also beefed up security with the School’s team. He stood with us all through.

So much support.😞😞

  1. I also want to thank the thousands of Students that came.
    At the end, many needed money for transportation.
    We didn’t have anything to give to them because the protest was self sponsored.

We received nothing from anyone.

So we thank you all for coming around and paying your way to and fro.
This is our struggle and we will win.

  1. I thank the organizers. I was in the team too.
    I thank my SUG President.
    Every body called him (90% to discourage him), but he stood tall.

Thank you so much NANS JCC for the support and partnership.
The SUG executives and Senate. So much synergy. God bless you all.
These people didn’t sleep well for the past few days.

  1. And for those who peddled false rumors, abeg go and delete your post now.

We didn’t reply because it was not necessary. You have now gotten the reply, so go and delete.

For those who are close to me or the President ( some viewing our statuses) , but could not ask us questions but took the matter to Twitter and Facebook directly to abuse and castigate, hope you know it didn’t speak well of you.

  1. Uniuyo Is a brand.

Protect it.

If you see anything evil about the brand, ask the leaders questions. You have their contacts for heaven’s sake !

Don’t go and put mouth in things you are not aware of.

You will spoil your own name when everything turns out false.

  1. Thank you to the media Houses that came around and TV stations. The whole country has heard us. Just Google Uniuyo protest : end ASUU strike and see for yourself. We did it !

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