AKSU student shares suicidal note on Facebook.

Former Uniuyo student & currently AKSU student – Afrosix Jaara that was indefinitely suspended by the management of the Akwa Ibom State University for abusing Governor Udom on Facebook has recently shared a suicidal note on Facebook.

Below’s the write-up:



I spoke with Dad yesterday, he said I should apologize to the school management on Facebook. He said if I don’t, then I’m no more his son. I love and respect him but he won’t be with me forever except we die on the same day.

Over the years, I’ve failed him many times and it’s not really my fault. I’ve come to realize I achieve my goals very late but this time, it seems I can’t reach that goal because I have no back up in this struggle to freedom.

If you see this, tell my Dad I love him so much. Tell him I’m sorry I didn’t turn out to be exactly like him, tell him I chose to become a fighter and not a slave. Tell him I died because he refused to see the warrior he poured into mom. Tell him the only fuel that kept me going was the strength he showed while preparing for ICAN exams.

If you see this, tell my Mom I’m sorry for the High Blood Pressure. Tell her I did nothing wrong but speak my mind. Tell her she missed a spot while training me. Tell her she didn’t make me her best friend.

If you see this, tell my sisters to love people around them and understand love and harmony is the key to happiness. Tell them I miss the days we fought over nothing meaningful. Tell them, I’m the only man that can endure their words in the days of anger.

If you see this, tell my best friend and girlfriend that I tried fighting but couldn’t stand anymore. Tell her I couldn’t pray anymore. Tell her, she’ll forever be my favorite person in this world. Tell her not too cry too much. Tell her to be strong and focus on graduating since they didn’t allow me.

If you see this, tell every student I died fighting for their right. Tell them the only way to graduate from school is to be a slave. Tell them the education system killed me for political purpose. Tell them I faked the smiles. Tell them to make peace with their opponents at all cost.

If you see this, tell the school management they’ve done noble and succeeded in making me suicidal. Tell them to continue playing with people’s future because of personal interest. Tell them their children will be tutored by another management.

If you see this, tell them I left UNIUYO because I was threatened to become a cultist and I couldn’t speak for myself because I was young and a novice.

If you see this, tell them I got crucified in AKSU for using a responsible freedom of speech and for speaking for myself. Tell them I stood up for a girl that was raped by 4 guys but no one stood up for me when I needed them.

If you see this, tell them I stood up for the many injustice in school. Tell them the leaders allowed the offender called SU President leave freely while they ganged up to kill my ambition.

If you see this, tell them they’ve silent the leaders of tomorrow for promotion purposes.

If you see this, tell them I am just a Poet and writer, who wants to change the narrative of Akwa-Ibom being labeled as house boys and house girls. Tell them I died speaking the truth.

If you see this, tell my supposed best friend I stopped trusting him because he joined politics. Tell him to remember the pain he felt when Samuel Edekhe died. Remind him politics would only take him places but not to the heavenly palace.

If you see this, tell the Lawyer, the delay became a catalyst to this death step. Tell him I would have love to fight but not when he’s far from me. Tell him he has always been my mentor. Tell him to continue fighting for the helpless.

If you see this, tell my colleagues to stay strong and not forget my good character. Tell them to write their final exams in love and peace. Tell my lecturers they are awesome. Tell my fellow Aluta comrades to chase their goals and not give up like I did.

If you see this, just know I’m writing my thoughts to fight it but if I can’t fight anymore, call me a fool, call me a coward for not hanging on to loose others caught in this trap. Tell me I’m going to hell but I’ll beg him to give me another place where my talent would be appreciated.

If I survive this night, I’ll wake up tomorrow with the thought of changing my surname because I’ll be officially disowned and I’ll still continue the FIGHT.

*************** This was suppose to be a suicide note yesterday, I was drained and dozed off while crying.

If you’ve read all these above, you’ve the right to be scared but fear not, the devil only tried to manipulate my thoughts last night but I’ve chosen LIFE at all cost.

God won’t fail those that serve him.

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