Barrister Inibehe Effiong replies Afrosix Jaara’s Suicide Note.

Barrister Inibehe Effiong, a human rights lawyer has responded to Afrosix Jaara’s suicide note. The response came after Afrosix Jaara claimed that the Barrister had abandoned him in his suicidal note penned on Facebook.

You’ll recall that Afrosix was indefinitely suspended by the management of AKSU for abusing Governor Udom Emmanuel on Facebook. In his response, the Barrister assured him that he’s working on his case & that he should exercise patience.


Below is the response:


I have told you to be calm. I’ve given you assurances privately, but I guess you’re not sure that I meant it.

You have forced me to make a public statement because of the disturbing post that I just woke up to read from your timeline. You wanted to take your precious life last night after I spoke with you, because your father threatened to disown you if you don’t apologize publicly to the university and the governor?

I would never have forgiven you if you did that. Suicide is never a good option.

You are not a criminal.

You have not done anything to justify what your university has done.

I have read your posts on Facebook relating to the governor and his leadership, I cannot find any that is insulting. In any event, it is not the business of a university to defend the image of a public office holder.

You only did what every responsible citizen should do: asking questions and holding those paid with tax payers’ money accountable. Do not feel guilty. Do not ever regret your patriotic actions as a good citizen.

You cannot kill yourself because the Akwa Ibom State University (AKSU) decided to abandon its duties as a research and academic institution to act as a sycophantic mouthpiece for Governor Udom Gabriel Emmanuel by suspending you indefinitely, because according to them, you insulted the governor on Facebook and refused to appear before a purported disciplinary committee (which is a lie. They never invited you).

If this silly and frivolous action by the State University is correct, it means no student in Nigeria in a federal university has the right to criticize President Buhari on social media.

This nonsense has been happening in AKSU for too long. I believe God wants to use your case to put an end to this evil that has ravaged the Akwa Ibom State University where students are constantly victimized for simply voicing their views on social media.

It makes me wonder whether AKSU is a really an institution of learning or a personal cult group of governor Udom Emmanuel? Is AKSU training students to become intellectuals or zombies? What is the business of a university with the comments of citizens on social media about public office holders?

Is studentship of AKSU superior to citizenship of Nigeria? How can an institution that has professors be this petty and irresponsible?

Why must it always be Akwa Ibom State? Are we a cursed people? Are we slaves? Why should politicians have such corrupt influence on institutions, including a university?

I am going to stand with you to the end. You are not alone. There is nothing to apologize to AKSU for. AKSU should be the one to apologize to you.

We are going to support you.

Again, you are not alone. I’ve told you to wait. There is an appointed time for everything.


In Akwa Ibom, our parents and are people generally, are very cowardly when it comes to fighting injustice.

There are very few young and brave men like you from Akwa Ibom State. We will not allow you to be destroyed by a rotten system. As long as God keeps and sustains some of us, this injustice will not stand and you will not walk alone.

Be of good courage Iniobong alias Afrosix Jaara.

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