First Carry Over Experience in Uniuyo.

Jerry: Hello? Guy how far? Me: Nnaaa bobo I dey ooo; how your side? Jerry: Guy e no pure ooo result don come out choi! Me: abeg which course don comot? Jerry: Philosophy ooo; guy na F you get! Na F things!

Ok let’s pause it there & do a lil throwback to when we wrote the test for that course. We had a class for that course at ECN block & the turn out was really low; the lecturer got pissed and decide to give a test obviously to punish those ones that refused to attend the class. “Tear a sheet of paper & answer the following questions, that’s your test”. Before I knew what was happening the class was almost filled up; students in the class were informing their friends who were not in class of the test via calls, text & maybe “telepathy” because the way that class was filled within 15 minutes still baffles me till today.

It was an open test & it wasn’t up to 20 minutes into the test when the lecturer asked us to submit and started walking out of the class with the few scripts he collected. Obviously the class had gotten full & he couldn’t achieve his aim of having few students write the test so he made for the door; as you’d expect all the students started running after him to submit their scripts. He then requested that we submit to our class rep, he waited for 2 minutes then asked the class rep to join him out; we all scrambled to submit as they walked out of the class.

Some weeks later I met up with my class rep who told me I had 25 in the test; obviously he had helped record the scores. I was overjoyed; “if i get 25 for exams I don pass be that ooo”, i thought to myself. The exam went pretty well & I was cocksure I had scored more than 25 in the exams. Fast forwarded to this present time, how then can my friend Jerry be telling me I had F? what kind of stupid joke is that? I fumed.

Me: Guy no dey joke abeg! Jerry: I no dey play na F you get. I follow get F too so no fear we’re in this together. Me: guy no be because you sabi my reg no. mean say you go dey use my result dey play you know wetin e mean to get F for philosophy wey I get 25 for test? Jerry: Guy I say na F you get ehhhhh!!

At this point it was obvious he was seriously using me to play, I thought to myself. “No worry I dey come back school this weekend I go check my result myself, I retorted. Monday the next week I was walking through mini stadium & thinking to myself, “I couldn’t possibly fail that course its not possible”.

On getting to the result board close to 49/50 I carefully used my pen to trace my reg. number to be sure of what I was about to see & there it was, F in philosophy. This can’t be, how, why, when, what is going on? I decided to trace my reg. number again to confirm & voila, it was obvious: I had a “dash” in my test column meaning I had not taken the test or my test scores were missing. Of course I wrote the test so how is it possible that I have no score? I decided to go to the lecturer to complain.

I literally ran to the philosophy department block and there he was at the intersection. Me: Good morning Sir. Lecturer: Morning how can I help you? Sir I was your student in year 2, I took your philosophy course and I just discovered I had an F because I had no score in my test Lecturer: Did you write my test? Me: Yes Sir I did I was among the first people in the hall that day Lecturer: Which level are you in? Me: Am in year 3 Sir! Lecturer: Don’t worry then you still have enough time to rewrite the course; have already submitted your result to the Senate & there’s nothing that can be done.

My brothers and sisters the speed I used to run to meet the lecturer thinking he’ll change my scores was not the same speed I used to go back to hostel. Is this how Uniuyo is? I kept thinking to myself, is this how the remaining two years in school will be? Is this how frustrated am going to be?

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