The trauma of the robbery stayed with me for months.

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It was a normal night in the new apartment I just packed into & after making my Steemit posts for the day I decided to go to bed. On a norm I usually leave my door open to sleep because we had never had a history of robbery in that compound before. Now for the record I moved out from one apartment in the same compound into another so I had already stayed in the compound for over a year & from my own experience & stories from neighbors we’d never had a robbery incident in that compound before.

I always left the door open that period because it was December & it was really hot in the night but this particular day for some reason I just decided to lock my door. Around 2 am in the morning I woke up to a very strong torch flashing in my face & my next door neighbor who was a Christ Embassy member “kabashing” seriously at the top of his voice.

Fear & tension immediately fell on me as I struggled to understand what exactly was going on. I just lay quietly on my bed & watched the torchlight pass from my window to the next window that belonged to my neighbor. After some minutes they left the compound & I muscled up courage to step out of my house to find out what really happened.

It was then I found out that there was a robbery & my “kabashing” neighbor & another neighbor were robbed. Lets call my “kabashing” neighbor Akpan. Obviously Akpan’s ‘kabashing’ “tensioned” the thieves who according to Akpan threatened to kill him if he didn’t keep quiet but of course that didn’t deter him as he continued “speaking in tongues” at the top of his voice. If you know Christ Embassy members well you’ll know that them & ‘kabashing” are one – they’re in the same Whatsapp group lol.

Long story short Akpan succeeded in making them uncomfortable & they had to leave! So I can categorically say that Akpan’s ‘kabashing’ relieved us from whatever terror the two robbers would have unleashed on us that night. Months after the incident I couldn’t sleep with my two eyes closed…….I still had that fear that they’ll come back…..the trauma stayed with me for months. Thankfully they never came back till I left that compound; a robbery experience is something I’ll never wish on anyone.

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