Udom with the Wizkid Tongue: the post that led to the indefinite suspension of Iniobong Isang

Here’s the Facebook post made by Iniobong Isang Ekpo popularly known as Afrosix Jaara, a student of the Faculty of Engineering in the Akwa Ibom State University that led to his indefinite suspension from the university.


Two weeks ago, I was told to write an article on the misuse and deception of power. It’s no news Akwa Ibom State University is becoming a BRAND to recognized even when one tries to ignore and that’s one reason I feel our products, shouldn’t be toyed with by higher authority.

May 17th, 2017, the 2nd and 3rd convocation took place that attracted men from different walks of life, parents, village heads, scholars and most importantly the Governor of Akwa Ibom State “DEACON UDOM GABRIEL EMMANUEL” were he promised to give the graduands double of the amount given by the the school and also give jobs to the first class graduands.

Each graduands that was given 50k by the school will receive 100k from the governor. It’s 2 years and 166 days since he promised, yet none of the graduands received a naira even the first class graduands were unattended to when they went to his office.

Yesterday dated 8th of November 2019, was the 4th and 5th convocation and the Governor was presence, this time he donated 10 million naira, which is to be shared amongst the 41 first class graduands. How do they get this money if the first promise wasn’t fulfilled?

It’s true POLITICANS have a way of keeping the masses in the dark after putting them in office and this seems to be another script acted perfectly without considering the hard-work and tears these ones have put in to excel in greater colors. 10 million to be shared amongst the 41 first class graduands, leaves each graduands with about 243k, that’s if justice will be done.

My seniors were played 2 years ago and this year another set of men with promising future have been given a strong life line of hope. Will they get it, will they not, who is sharing the money? Does he/she have his/her percentage… Are we producing graduates for the government to use as a joke when sitting on their dining table?

The questions are endless, every graduand is expecting something positive, we just hope “DEACON UDOM GABRIEL EMMANUEL” isn’t using the same tongue WIZKID used to sing Totori me two-time TORTOR. Let’s use our brains, if you pick the first letter of UDOM “U” and add TORTOR, it’s called UTORTOR which means SCAM in IBIBIO.

One of the first class graduands is Utibe Okon and I’ll ask him 2 months from this exact date (9th January 2020) if that promise has been redeemed. So let’s know our stand next convocation when politicians use church title to cause disorderliness in our hearts.

Proudly a Tehila Republican Writer,
Afrosix Jaara

One thought on “Udom with the Wizkid Tongue: the post that led to the indefinite suspension of Iniobong Isang

  1. Speed Pay says:

    Funny tho. This shouldn’t call for expulsion. He made his voice heard on social media and the school system is just fucked up sha, all of them are the Governor’s boys😁 This will not take them anywhere.

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