Uniuyo Diaries: My First Day in Uniuyo.

uniuyo diaries

So I set off from Port Harcourt for Uyo via AKTC to chase my dreams of getting a degree; a 4 year journey that’ll much later metamorphose into a 6 year journey all thanks to two extra years in school. Earlier on I had made arrangements with my high school friend who happened to be in year 2 at that the time that’ll be staying with him for the meantime until I secured a hostel space in the newly built M2 boys hostel as at then. So I called him that morning to confirm if he was in Uyo & he said he’ll be in Uyo before I arrived as he was currently in Oron. Well I boarded the bus & began my journey to Uyo

I alighted at the AKTC park terminal which was at Ikot Ekpene road opposite the Annex Campus gate; picked a keke & headed for Uniuyo First Gate. On arrival I called my guy that I was meant to stay with; low & behold he wasn’t in town: “Bros abeg something come up I no go fit show Uyo today abeg just crash for Udi hostel I go come pick you tomorrow“.

You say what? I don’t even know where Udi street is talk of the hostel….guy wich kain wahala be this naa? I said. “Abeg no vex tomorrow I go show”. Well i had no other option, the message had been passed; i had to find a way for myself…shey I am now a man…I joked to myself.

I found my way to Udi hostel & started looking around; I couldn’t even go inside the hostel because of the scary faces I saw in the hostel; the last thing I wanted was to be robbed by some cult boys. I kept looking around until I saw this guy with an innocent face, he looked like someone I could approach so I walked up to him & narrated my ordeal to him. It turned out he was a 200 Level student of Psychology in Uniuyo too; to my surprise he offered me somewhere to sleep for the night. What a nice guy! I thought to myself….what was going to happen next I never “experret it”.

He took me into a room full of guys, like over 15 guys in one room and pointed me to a bed without mattress and said “You’ll sleep there for the night pending tomorrow when your guy comes to pick you up“. Sleep on an empty bunk without a mattress? Naa this was not the life I anticipated when I was leaving home for this school. What is going on here? I asked myself in my mind. I looked back at him, “I’ve never done this before bro…I don’t even think I’ll be able to close my eyes on an empty bunk with nothing to cushion the hard metal except pieces of carton”.

Well needless to say after much talk & without other better options I ended up having a very bad sleep on that bunk. To add to it I woke up to a notice I lost some money in my box….some boys had obviously paid a visit to my box while I slept. So much for a first day in school I thought to myself.


I’d say I was blessed to meet that guy; we became friends from that day & we’re still friends to this day…..he helped me a hell lot throughout his stay in school.

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