With ₦27 Uniuyo students can now get to perm site.

Uniuyo students will now be able to commute cashless to permanent site for as low as ₦27 with a smart card.

In order to lessen the transportation burden on Uniuyo students commuting to and fro permanent site from town campus,  the 24th of November 2020, the Uniuyo SUG President – Comr. Emmanuel Akpan signed a Memorandum of Understanding with an Uyo based smart transportation company known as DRYVA.

Present at the signing were other members of the university of Uyo student Union: the Director of information, Comr. Lucky Wonte who stood in for the SUG Director of transport, Comr. Adekunle Vincent (who was unavoidably absent), Asst. Sec. General, SUG,  the Chief of Staff to the SUG President & the CEO of DRYVA.

According to the press release from the Uniuyo SUG, below’s what you need to know about the new transportation outfit:

1. DRYVA is an optional transportation medium that will put an end to our transportation challenges to and from Uniuyo permanent site.

2. Uniuyo students will make use of smart cards to make payments for transport fares. Card can be subscribed weekly or monthly.

3. For weekly subscription, cost is #750 with 23 trips attached ( at a cost of 32 naira only per trip to permanent site and other routes within Uyo).
For monthly subscription, cost is #2500 for 92 trips ( at a cost of 27 naira per trip). This is far cheaper than the regular shuttle system that goes for #50 to #70 or the normal commerical transportation system that goes for #150. You can use trips on any day of the week.

4. Unused trips can be rolled over into a new subscription or better still, you can share your trips with your friends or sell to your friends who use the transportation means too, to prevent wastage.

5. To use this transportation medium you must own the DRYVA smart card. This card goes for #1000 only and will last for ONE YEAR. By just purchasing the card you get 12 free trips to and from main campus and any other route within Uyo.

6. Vending points will be made available (process of placement has begun) in all three campuses: Convo Park in Town Campus, beside Annex library in Annex Campus and in all faculties at permanent site in the University of Uyo. On resumption, you can walk into any of this vending points, get your card and enjoy the ease.

7. While receiving your smart card, you’ll also be informed of the DRYVA app to help you book your rides at your convenience. Any other information you wish to know will be given at the vending point.

8. The Uniuyo Student Union Government will be in prompt monitoring to ensure that the company abides by the rules we have agreed to and also ensure that our Students receive the best services.

Remember, that the old transportation system of bus shuttles REMAINS in use and any Student can make use of this. DRYVA is a supplementary medium to address the burden on the normal shuttles.

As a Union, we sincerely appreciate the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Enefiok Essien (SAN), for promptly approving the establishment of this transportation medium. Many thanks also to the Director of works, Chief Security officer, Dean of Students Affairs, the Director of transport of SUG, – Comr. Adekunle Vincent and other Executive members for their efforts and supports.

God bless Tusker Republic.
God bless us all.

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